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Large loans

At Domus Finance we have the experience required to provide the very highest levels of service to those clients looking for a large mortgage in excess of £1M.

Whilst there are solutions available on the high street, they are limited and often not suitable to the borrower’s requirements due to their very rigid lending criteria and the borrowers more complex financial situation.

As lending criteria tightened and credit markets contracted there was a greater need to look for more bespoke lending solutions away from the high street that had the appetite to cater for the lending needs of more wealthy clients and their more complex financial arrangements.

Over the last 5 years we have been establishing contacts and developing relationships with private banks who take a more holistic approach to underwriting and who completely understand the more complex financial affairs of the more wealthy clients looking to borrow in excess of £1M.

So whether you are looking for a large BTL mortgage in excess of £1M to purchase an investment property or you are a foreign national, wanting to structure your loan through an offshore special purpose vehicle (SPV) limited company or an offshore trust we can help find the right solutions for you.

To understand more how we can help please call us on 020 3393 4333 or email info@domusfinance.co.uk.