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Moving home

As a home owner there’s a good chance you will have been through the mortgage and house buying process before. If it’s been a few years you may not know how much harder it has become to borrow money. There is still far less credit available these days and the demand for credit continues to outstrip supply. Lenders have become a lot more selective about whom they lend to and the criteria on which lending decisions are made has tightened considerably.

Not only that, but the application process has become far more rigorous with a greater demand for documentary evidence to support an application and very strict criteria as to which documents are acceptable.

Despite how much things have changed there is still a lot of choice out there and in many cases rates have never been so low.

It is our job at Domus Finance to take away as much of the stress as we can by managing the whole process quickly and efficiently for you, including helping to manage the chain connecting your sale and purchase. We have evolved with our industry over the last few years to continue to provide the very highest level of service. Our attention to detail ensures that our applications are packaged correctly from the outset so they are processed in the shortest possible time frames giving you the best chance of your purchase completing.

We will advise, recommend and arrange the perfect mortgage for you having assessed all the options available and will include factoring in the terms of your current mortgage to ensure you structure your new mortgage the most cost effective way, whether that be arranging to restructure your current deal or replace it entirely with a new mortgage.

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