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Offshore and expat

Most mortgage lenders require you to live and work in the UK in order to be considered for a normal mortgage. Furthermore your income needs to be denominated in Stirling and taxed in the UK.

So what happens if none or even just one of the above applies to you?

You will find it very difficult to get a normal mortgage in the UK. In many cases the only viable solution will be an offshore mortgage, which are not readily available on the high street and not something a lot of brokers have any experience of. These mortgage are naturally more complicated as the lender still needs to fully assess the applicants situation which is often more difficult to do for a multitude of reasons. As a result the processing of an application is more involved and time consuming. In order to get the correct lending decision in the desired timeframes it is imperative to be dealing with a broker who is experienced in handling these deals and can pre-empt a lot of the obstacles that will arise ensuring the transaction runs as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

If you are a British ex-pat living and working overseas, the offshore mortgage is not the only option for you. There is a possibility that we could structure your deal onshore, which would normally work out more beneficial for you.

Whatever your situation, you’ll be pleased to know at Domus Finance we can help. We have the expertise and industry contacts to establish the most beneficial, cost effective and timely solution.

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