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As an experienced landlord, you may have a handful of investment properties or you may have tens or even hundreds of properties you have accumulated over the years. It may still be something of a hobby to supplement the income you receive from your day job or it may have become your full time job.

Whatever your situation at Domus Finance we can help you best structure the finance across your entire portfolio to help maximise your profit margins.

One area of lending which suffered the most after the credit markets contracted was the availability of BTL mortgages. The number of lenders operating in the market contracted and of those that remained, the appetite to lend shrank considerably.

Before the credit crunch it was possible to obtain BTL mortgages with smaller deposits and more generous rental calculations. Most significantly lenders were comfortable lending more money on more properties to investors with larger portfolios than they are today.

The market place is now polarised into those lenders who cater for the hobbyist investor and those geared up to lend to the professional landlord with much bigger portfolios.

The majority of BTL lenders cater for the hobbyist investor. These lenders each have restrictions on the overall size of the portfolio as well as the number of properties they will each lend on. There are often further restrictions in total value of lending and individual maximum loan sizes for each property making it difficult to find the best solution. If you are looking for a large BTL mortgage in excess of £1M you will find it even harder to structure the finance with only a limited number of options available.

So whether you are looking to re-mortgage one of your properties on to a better rate or are looking to release some equity from your portfolio to fund purchasing a new property you have come to the right place. At Domus we have operated in the BTL market for over a decade and have a wealth of knowledge and the experience to determine how best to structure the finance based on your circumstances and needs.

For those of you with a larger portfolio, the number of lending options reduces significantly. Your situation will invariably be more complex. It is quite common and often beneficial to review your portfolio every few years to look for better ways of structuring the finance to meet your changing needs and circumstances, be it to increase your profit margin or the speed at which you can access new funds to capitalise on a good investment opportunity.

We have access to the whole of the market, including specialist lenders not commonly available to other brokers and we have the experience to advise you on these more sophisticated ways of structuring your portfolio to best suit your needs whether that be through a special purpose vehicle (SPV) limited company or a single loan facility structured across your portfolio.

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